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G. Love’s Hawaii Tour 2018 Poster

I was asked by the Philadelphonic Management to create the tour show poster and T-shirt for G. Love’s Hawaii Tour 2018 with opening performance by Ron Artis II & The Truth. The band merch was sold during the Hawaii tour. Please ask Philadelphonic Management if you like to purchase a poster or T-shirt online. Credits:…

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Slightly Stoopid T-Shirt

Band merch T-shirt for Slightly Stoopid Slightly Stoopid is an Ocean Beach, San Diego-based band formed in 1994 and discovered by Bradly Nowell (RIP), frontman and voice of iconic reggae, ska punk band Sublime. My work is inspired a lot by Brad and the music of both bands as well. This year (2018), I was…

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Sketchblog #4: Stoned Rider Band Merch (WIP)

This rough sketch of the Stoned Rider concept illustration (WIP) is inspired by and dedicated to two of my personal artist heros, Jim Phillips and Ed “Big Daddy” Roth. Graphic artist Jim Phillips is the creator of the iconic Screaming Hand and famous for his influencing Surf, Skate & Rock Art and the unambiguous reason…

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Cape Cod Roots & Blues Festival Poster Art

Art work for G. Love’s 1st Cape Cod Roots and Blues 2018 Music Festival I was asked to create a rock show poster, several merchandising items and the key visuals as well for G. Love’s first ever Cape Cod Roots & Blues Festival in Nauset Beach on September 15th, 2018. The new music festival celebrates family,…

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Surfrider Foundation Europe

Surfrider Foundation Europe – Riverine Input Project: Doors to the ocean The project “Riverine Input” aims to collect data on the plastic pollution in watercourses. These data are supposed to help municipalities to prevent the pollution before it reaches the ocean. Rain water collection systems are main pathways for litter to reach the rivers and…

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G. Love’s Beachside Blues Tour 2018

I recently finished this tour/show poster and t-shirt illustration for the awesome musician Garrett Dutton better known as G. Love as the frontman for the band G. Love & Special Sauce. The merchandise show poster is for G. Love’s Beachside Blues Tour (Beachside Blues Tour Dates). Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity, buddy!

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A Whale Tale

Plastics are omnipresent. And plastic garbage in the oceans (and plastic pollution in general) is one of the greatest man made problem of our time. Marine animals eat plastics, humans consume plastics. Some organisms adapted themselves to the new condition and found a new habitat. But most of the effects on the environment are unambiguously…

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