About Bálooie

Exploring imagination

Hey! I am Bálooie

Lateral thinker, skateboard enthusiast & surfer

Currently living and working in Karlsruhe. I am a freelance illustrator and designer – and I love my job.

I develop projects for my clients of highly diverse branches on a conceptual basis in the fields of: illustration, character design, comic & cartoon, band merch and poster art, print and digital media, corporate design, art direction, editorial design, graphic design, web design (WordPress) and surf & skate art.

My illustration style reaches from comic to semi-realistic. It is crucial to me to create vibrant characters and to let illustrations tell their own story.


The magical ingredients

Of course, it depends on each project. Nowadays, I mostly develop an illustration project from the very first rough sketch to the final layout the digital way only with a graphic tablet. I use my pencils and my sketch book almost only for private projects.

After briefing and commissioning I start to research ideas, topics and references if necessary and make the first rough scribbles. Once it feels right I begin to translate the idea into an elaborate form, the next step is to set appropriate lights and colors. After correcting and approval I finalize the drawing as a pixel or vector graphic and send the required formats to the client.


A matter of the heart

In mid 2017 I decided to take on the artist name in memory of a beloved person. So, the name Bálooie is not an invention but a genuine Italian surname. I just changed the spelling a little bit to match my artistic needs. I don’t dodge behind it as you can find my real name on the legal notice page.

Mission Statement

Just a few more words

My attention to detail and a thorough conception are essential on each single project. I am always curious, I like to leave my comfort zone and I love the magic of drawings.

It is up to me to work out emotional and individual solutions which match the needs of my clients. And I support them to develop their vision and to narrate their story.

Well, whatever it is I am excited and I’m really looking forward to learn about your vision. Just drop me a few lines or give me a call.

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