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KOOKS Surfing Magazine #1

Hey there fellow surfer kook*! I have to disappoint you dude, but this brand new gnarly surfing magazine doesn’t really exist. Unfortunately! It’s just ficticious and serves as a canvas for a series of free surf art works I create from time to time. But I could imagine that such a satirical surf mag would…

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RECKLESS Wakeboards R.R. Series 2018

Julian Koke, founder of RECKLESS.WAKE commissioned some graphics for their 2018 wakeboard line. This was my first wakeboard design job and I definitely enjoyed it. These guys are totally laid-back and I was quite free in the design process. The only condition: no skulls. The idea for the theme came to me while doodling around…

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Keyhole Skateboard

The skateboards of the Düsseldorf based brand Rebel Rockers Skateboards are still chiefly handmade. I was commissioned to create a five deck series ( Lemmy, Keyhole, Rebel Bräu, Rebel for Life, Pro Team). As an essential feature “rock’n’roll” is characteristic for this rider driven skateboard company. For this reason the graphics are created accordingly. Skateboard…

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