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Surf Tiki Totem Illustration

Surf Totem Tiki Graphic Longboard Skateboard Surf Tiki Totem Variants and Mockup Surf Tiki Totem Detail 1 Surf Tiki Totem Detail 2 Surf Tiki Totem Detail 3 Surf Tiki Totem Detail 4

The surf tiki totem illustration is inspired by the 50ies and 60ies tiki culture. It captures the spirit of surfing in a slightly ironical way and brings surfing to the streets when used as a longboard. The Eye of Providence symbolizes the ubiquitous sea.

Please get in touch if you want to purchase a license to use this illustration.

Also available as a t-shirt on

Paint It, Blue

Paint it, Blue T-Shirt Illustration Mockup

The Paint It, Blue illustration is inspired by the famous Rolling Stones song “Paint It, Black”. The idea came to me with selective perception on my mind. In this case, a surfer notices wave structures everywhere in his surroundings.

Also available as a t-shirt on

T-Shirt Mockup by GraphicBurger

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