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How To Sell Drugs Online (Fast) Cover Reference

I was asked to create a drawn cover reference for the German coming-of-age series “How To Sell Drugs Online (Fast)” produced by bildundtonfabrik for Netflix. From serveral drafts the “Two-Face” reference was used to create the final cover image (execution by Netflix). All logos, image contents, characters and symbols © 2019 by Netflix and bildundtonfabrik….

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A Whale Tale

Plastics are omnipresent. And plastic garbage in the oceans (and plastic pollution in general) is one of the greatest man made problem of our time. Marine animals eat plastics, humans consume plastics. Some organisms adapted themselves to the new condition and found a new habitat. But most of the effects on the environment are unambiguously…

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RECKLESS Wakeboards R.R. Series 2018

Julian Koke, founder of RECKLESS.WAKE commissioned some graphics for their 2018 wakeboard line. This was my first wakeboard design job and I definitely enjoyed it. These guys are totally laid-back and I was quite free in the design process. The only condition: no skulls. The idea for the theme came to me while doodling around…

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My Name Is Earl

My intention to realize this personal work was simple – I just love this sitcom series created by Greg García. I enjoy the characters, the story, the cast, the entire setting and the gags, and of course that funny thing called karma. Fellow fans know that the show has been cancelled (in 2009) and left…

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