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Illustration | Your Visual Statement

Be eye-catching

Illustrations are memorable and often can convey emotions or complex issues easier than plain text. Especially products or services in need of explanation will be perceived and recognized faster through images. At the same time the viewer establishes an emotional connection.

  • Graphics and illustrations for action sports like surfing and skateboarding
  • Illustrations and graphics for leaflets, post cards, posters and T-shirts, music covers, band merchandise
  • Illustration and design of book covers, magazines, editorials, booklets and corporate magazines
  • Evolution and design of sympathetic characters or mascots as product or brand ambassadors
  • Corporate comic strips or cartoons for your company website, employee newspaper or customer magazine
  • Illustrations for board games, card games and browser games

Design | Your Representation

Great ideas need great forms

Usually your logo is the very first impression of the products or services offered by you. Furthermore, a consistent corporate design provides a high recognition value and also serves as a trust-building measure towards your customer.

  • Consulting, design and implementation – From a single logo to a full corporate design (business tools, web design, mailings, newsletters)
  • Standardized design templates for your respective social media channels (e.g. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google)
  • Design and layout of business cards and stationary depending on your corporate design
  • Design of post cards, leaflets, booklets, brochures, posters and billboard advertising
  • Ad design for online and offline media

Web Design | Your Online Appearance

Make your business visible

Nowadays people primarily gain information from the internet – with a rapidly increasing amount of mobile usage. Therefore, I develop modern and responsive websites which are cross-browser compatible and run on common desktop computers, tablets and smartphones. I specialized in front-end and back-end development with WordPress.

  • Responsive Webdesign along with your corporate design with WordPress as a CMS
  • Development and design of individual WordPress themes and adjustment of existing ones
  • Installation, configuration and maintenance of (existing) WordPress websites, configuration and customization of plugins, content management and administration
  • Design of graphical user interfaces for applications (UI/UX design)
  • Basic on-page search engine optimization

Training | Your Safe Way to the WWW

Be confident in using technology

Knowledge is power! Learn to manage your website’s content by yourself, learn how to run a blog or how to use social media channels in a reasonable way. Find out how you can protect your personal data and privacy as far as possible. I offer in-house training right at your office or at your home with prior appointment.

  • WordPress: training and introduction in how to use WordPress as a content management system (e.g. for enterprises, editors, bloggers, freelancers)
  • Media literacy, security and information privacy: responsible usage of computer, tablet and smartphone, online privacy and data protection (web browsing behavior and browser settings), social media, email encryption
  • Especially for senior citizens and beginners: single and small group training thematically tailored to your needs. Learn the general usage of computers, tablets, smartphones and the internet

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